Parents of Children currently at playgroup can view newsletter, policies, and other playgroup info by clicking here on the Parents page.

The playgroup accepts children from the age of 2 years 6 months until school age and is registered for up to 24 children per session. The playgroup runs at the following times (Term time only):

Monday: 9am – 12.15pm and 12.15 pm -3.00pm
Wed: 9am – 12.15pm and 12.15pm -3.00pm (Afternoon session for pre-school children only )
 Thursday: 9am – 12.15pm and 12.15pm – 3.00pm
 Fri: 9am – 12.15pm
For children over 3 years old the cost of  these sessions can be covered by the Nursery Funding provided by the Government, which entitles a child to up to 15 hours of Nursery Education. children are eligible for this funding from the term after they have turned 3. (This is in accordance with the government guidelines). For children under three the charge is currently £4.00 per hour. Amberley Plyagroup currently offer 21.25 hours.
The playgroup sessions involve a wide variety of activities that have been carefully planned to be fun, stimulating and a great learning experience, often using the beautiful outside space that surrounds the building. There is always lots of opportunity for ‘free play’ and the children are fully involved in the choice of activities and equipment on offer each day. A particular feature of Amberley playgroup is the music and singing! Each session ends with 20 mintues of ‘music and movement’ accompanied by a member of staff on the piano, and the children also perform a wonderful ‘show’ at the end of each term. This provides the children with a unique confidence boosting experience, that gives great joy and many happy memories to parents and grandparents!!
To register your interest in a place at Amberley Playgroup please telephone 01453 872571 to arrange for a visit.
Please see our contacts page for a registration form and more information.